Interview William GUEDJ - Apple Premium Reseller

Interview William GUEDJ - Apple Premium Reseller

« Since two years the brand is a true success within the Actimag network. »

The first store opened over 12 years old and Actimag has continued to grow in many cities in France.

According to William GUEDJ, what makes the success of its stores is primarily a strategic location in the city but also a choice of various accessories and quality.

« For more than two years, we distribute beetlecase products, we were looking for leather shell of the same quality as Apple products but at a more affordable price.

beetlecase products are about 30% cheaper than Apple products, allowing us to reach a wider customer base. »

beetlecase: A mixed product thanks to the 5 trendy colors of the collection, an excellent quality full-grain leather, an attractive packaging and a history that ensure full satisfaction of customers looking for quality products.

« The beetlecase brand is a value added to the products presented in our shops. It's brand that perfectly completes our range of accessories. Accessories are incidental additional sale in our business. »